2. cynicallys:

    "Green roofs like this one is what we were learning about in college today. Beautiful, sustainable, wholesome designs like these are what inspire me to become an architect, not the soulless concrete boxes we’re all so used to now. This is the kind of future I want to design. This is the kind of future I want to live in."

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  3. charlieambler:

    Bedized Pudding Canadian Suite, 1979

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    Black Shutter - Blinding red

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    This is the first shoot of the photo series.  I’m still in the process of deciding on other fruit options and trying to figure out how to open that coconut.

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  11. Devon Aoki photographed by Tyrone Lebon

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    Beautiful girl from Madagascar (East Africa)

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  13. back-then:

    The Anti-Flirt Club was an American club active in Washington, D.C., during the early 1920s. The purpose of the club was to protect young women and girls who received unwelcome attention from men in automobiles and on street corners. The Anti-Flirt Club launched an ‘Anti-Flirt’ week, which began on March 4, 1923

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